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We are a Research and development company developing industrial enzyme applications.

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Amylase Fusion Enzyme

This non-disruptive technology encompasses an expression vector encoding a bi-functional amylase or fusion enzyme. The amylase fusion enzyme is unique because it can digest starch over a very wide range of temperatures (70C-100C). This property makes the fusion enzyme easier to use and improves glucose production. The fusion gene has been synthesized with bacillus codon bias facilitating enzyme expression in bacillus expression systems. A signal sequence directs enzyme expression to the culture media reducing downstream processing costs.









On-Site Enzyme Production Services

Enzyme production for clients on-site reduces downstream processing costs, transportation and packaging costs results in a continuous fresh active. product.

Janus Concept

The idea of integrating a modern farming or controlled environmental agricultural (CEA) with a renewable energy process.  The renewable energy process selected is microbial anaerobic digestion.