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Waste-to-Energy Solutions: EEMAD


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Building your business growth and prosperity

Large or small any company that uses energy and produces waste can increase profits

You demand more and more energy to produce but the cost of operating continues to climb.  What can you do?

Fortunately there are many solutions available to both large and small businesses to reduce or optimize use of energy.  However there are only a few solutions for a company to produce its own energy (solar, biomass, anaerobic digestion, geothermal, wind, nuclear).  In each case there is a sizable up front capitalization cost yet the financial and ecological performance of each of these solutions varies with technology, geography, application and policy.   In most cases policy encourages the renewable energy producer to sell power back to the utilities.  However, C2 Biotechnologies disagrees with this and encourages renewable energy producers to use their power on-site.  Doing so doubles the value of the energy and reduces your operating costs above and beyond the revenue seen from selling to a utility company.  Where possible, C2 Biotechnologies specifically promotes using second generation or advanced anaerobic digestion to convert waste into energy for use on-site.