C2 Biotechnologies, is composed of a small core group of individuals dedicated to delivering the most accurate, professional services and products that have commercial. environmental and social value. C2 Biotechnologies designs and constructs biological products and services for the renewable energy, fermentation and waste treatment markets. Using our proprietary, fusion enzyme technology platform, we have developed waste-to-energy processes designed to be profitable, scalable, self-sufficient and self-sustainable. 

Mission: Harness the power of the natural world to design better products and services for renewable energy, fermentation and waste treatment.

Motto: Using biotechnology to improve the quality of life.

Extended Team: To help control expenses and focus on core issues at hand C2 Biotechnologies has retained services from a variety of entities that can be called upon when their skills and expertise are needed.  The extended team is composed of individuals and small business that help us do what we do.  The extended team includes science, technology, business and financial advisors, legal groups for corporate affairs and intellectual property issues and marketing agencies to help promote our services and products.