We care for our clients and the environment

C2 Biotechnologies works hard to find solutions that are profitable, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The triple bottom line (TBL or 3BL) is an accounting framework with three parts: social, ecological and financial.  The term was coined by John Elkington in 1994.  By considering long term perspectives for solutions helps us evaluate possible consequences of our decisions. 

As a small company we are concerned with profit both for ourselves and our clients, just like any business. But, we are not operated solely for profit.  Our solutions generally involve the use of biologics and biological processes which in general tend to be environmentally and operationally safe.  The industrial processes we develop or optimize are engineered to save the owner money or produce alternative revenues making them more profitable than conventional solutions.  In the process of developing solutions we tend to educate the client and the public which in itself becomes a marketing tool that helps increase profits and awarness.