Fusion Enzymes for Biofuels

Research & Development Focus: Fusion Enzymes

C2B harnesses the power of biology to fuse different proteins, specifically, enzymes with desirable characteristics into one product. We call this process our fusion enzyme technology platform.

All organisms require the use of proteins to function and survive. Generally, each protein is encoded by one gene, which is a central dogma of biology: one gene, one protein, one activity. Evolution occurs naturally by the introduction of mutations in genes that result in proteins with biological activities that confer better chances for organism survival when challenged by the environment. Evolutionary processes have resulted in the development of many organisms with enzymes adapted to various environments.

C2B uses protein engineering and molecular biology to screen and select enzymes that have biophysical properties compatible with operation in manufacturing environments and combines them to produce products that have multiple functions, are easier to use and improve yields. 

Combining multiple enzymatic activities into one protein reduces manufacturing requirements and provides our customers with products that are cost effective, simpler to use, reduce variability and increase yield in manufacturing processes.