Large or small any company that uses energy and produces waste can increase profits

You demand more and more energy to produce but the cost of operating continues to climb.  What can you do?

Fortunately there are many solutions available to both large and small businesses to reduce or optimize use of energy.  However there are only a few solutions for a company to produce its own energy (solar, biomass, anaerobic digestion, geothermal, wind, nuclear).  In each case there is a sizable up front capitalization cost yet the financial and ecological performance of each of these solutions varies with technology, geography, application and policy.   In most cases policy encourages the renewable energy producer to sell power back to the utilities.  However, C2 Biotechnologies disagrees with this and encourages renewable energy producers to use their power on-site.  Doing so doubles the value of the energy and reduces your operating costs above and beyond the revenue seen from selling to a utility company.  Where possible, C2 Biotechnologies specifically promotes using second generation or advanced anaerobic digestion to convert waste into energy for use on-site.

Energy is a commodity.  This means to make profit you have to produce large amounts with minuscule margins to be economically viable.  Face it, utility companies are a business and will only purchase energy from producers at a rate lower than what they can sell it for.  For renewable energy producers this means you have to produce power for less then what the utility company will purchase it for other wise you will not make a profit, or worse you lose money.  In order to produce enough energy at a rate that is marginally profitable renewable energy producers tend to invoke the philosophy of economies of scale...bigger is better.  But, large scale means only one thing...large capitalization costs.  So large that many lenders may shy away from such projects or places so much burden on the energy producer to make payments that project risk and failure is very high.

C2 Biotechnologies has another, triple bottom line, philosophy for businesses...convert your waste into energy and use that energy on-site.  By doing so a business more than doubles the value of that energy.  First by using their own energy they avoid purchasing power from a utility.  This isn't what a utility company wants to hear but by doing so the renewable energy producer has just doubled the value of their energy and created an avoided cost. Furthermore, because the renewable energy is intended to be used on-site the scale of the operation is commensurate with the available input materials.  This tends to mean smaller scale which can be translated into lower capitalization costs. In addition, by converting the waste your business generates into energy reduces or eliminates costs for packaging and transporting material to transfer stations and ultimately landfills or incinerators.  This is a second avoided cost.

In summary by looking at your waste as a resource you can create a series of avoided costs that increases your profit margins in an environmentally sustainable and friendly manner which by the way your customers may appreciate and go the extra mile to support your operation.